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A brief overview of Divine Health Supplements

An integral part of abundant health is proper nutrition. Dr. Colbert formulated Divine Health Nutritional Products to meet the public's demand for high quality vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplements. He has taken extraordinary steps to research and provide supplements that are among the most effective in the world. Thus, Divine Health Products are made from USP* grade ingredients, a superior form of nutrients.

Because of the extra effort to combine nutritional ingredients of exceptional quality (at therapeutic dosing for our formulas) our products are often referred to as Nutraceuticals rather than the more generic terms of vitamins and minerals. Starting with the best ingredients and select formulas, our vitamin and mineral supplements are then carefully tested under strict standards to ensure that they provide the nutrients needed on a daily basis to assist you in your own quest for Divine Health.


Teaching - How to be Born Again and Dynamic Interactive Presentation - Are you a Good Person ?? Teaching - What is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and How to Receive Comments, Problems?

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