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Customer Service / Order Desk

Your Portal to 12,000 Dynamic Faith Teaching & Products  

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2.1 SHIPPING TIME - How Long to get my order? Other quick facts about your order.

First off, thank you for looking into and/or choosing to purchase from Faith Centered Resources.

FCR®: offers a special and unique service featuring 10,000+ products consisting of books, audio tapes, Cds, videos, Dvds,
movies, bibles from 100+ authors and ministries all from one source with one shipping / handling fee.

We expedite every order so that you can have your product as quickly as possible.
Please read our section below to find out about timetables, shipping methods, order tracking and more...

Shipping time accuracy?
All production/processing/shipping times we state in our emails and on the website are as
acurrate as possible based on years of experience we have gained from tens of thousands of orders shipped.
Average production/processing/shipping time calclulations are based on product title and format.
Thank you in advance for patience in receiving your order. If any situations come up that delay your order we email.

Due to the large volume of orders that we process, we are unable
to individually notify each customer of the exact day & date shipping will occur.
You will be emailed on the day the order actually enters the USPS/UPS/FED-EX shipping system.

Order Status? How to Check
FCR® has recently installed a 24/7 Web Customer Service.
Login by clicking "My Account Web Customer Service" tab on the blue side menu to the left near the top.
or the "My Account Web Customer Service" text link at the bottom of all our web pages.

Domestic Timetable:

Please read section 2.4 SHIPPING TIMETABLE - U.S.A. down the page.

International Timetable:

Please read section 2.5 INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING TIMETABLE down the page.

Note for all orders:
There are some products or combinations of products that we sell that are put into production/processing/shipping
within minutes of receiving and cannot be stopped without cancellation fees applying. Please be aware that on
certain popular items (movies, current teaching offers, etc.) we can run out of stock, but normally they are
quickly restocked and your order will reach you within our normal/average time frames. In either case:

An automatic email is always sent to you when your order ships
that details the estimated transit time to you by USPS/UPS/FED-EX.

Beyond Average processing/shipping time
1 - 2 weeks additional time for processing can occur with products such as audio/video teachings series from
various ministries that have to be duplicated, produced and packaged or are rare or especially popular titles.

You will always notified by email or telephone should the order take
     beyond the designated time for your shipping method with our best estimate to when order will ship.

Shipping Origin Points.
All product is shipped either from our headquarters in Arizona or from our five partner warehouses
that are located throughout the United States. Orders may be split into several shipments.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and patience in receiving your order.

2.2 RUSH SHIPPING SERVICE U.S.A. only - not available for all products

Rush ship available to speed your product to you.

Should you need your order quicker than our normal stated time, rush shipping
is available for certain product lines and stock availabilty.
Rush Ship Service is 4 to 10 days excluding weekends and holidays.

Rush Shipping will automatically appear as an option on the Shipping Method Selection page
if available.
The fee will be displayed, just click
Rush Ship Service in the
Shipping Method selection dropdown box in the checkout.

Note: Rush Ship Service is not always accomplished by solely upgrading
the shipping method, in many instances the shipping method is not changed,
but your order is moved from the "back of the line to the front" - in the
same way as someone might offer you their place near the front in a long,
long movie theater line!!

If the
Rush Ship Service option doesn't appear after you placed your order,
please contact us asap. it may still be possible to upgrade based
on product type, stock availability and your physical address, but we can't promise.
There will be an additional charge if upgrade is possible. Thank you.


U-PIC® Worldwide coverage is inexpensive and gives you peace of mind.

UPIC® 100% replacement insurance at very reasonable rates.
Your order can be covered against loss, damage or theft this is especially valuable
for orders that are placed in mailboxes on the street or at your doorstep for hours while you
are at work, vacation or until you can collect it.

This is a "no hassle policy" - should coverage be needed, after several simple steps
of verification by FCR® your replacement item(s) are re-shipped within a reasonable time frame!

To add insurance: Check-mark the UPIC®: Insurance coverage box on the
   Shipping Method selection page in checkout.


Products ship by USPS / UPS / FED-EX
We chose the "appropriate" and "best method" for your address.

  Domestic: Normal Average production/processing/shipping time to your door

   Rush Service: 4 to 10 days excluding weekends/holidays.
     Available only for certain products - option appears in checkout if available.
     Not available for Canada & Overseas.
   Standard Service: 10 days (quickest) to 2+ weeks
     Please allow 1-2 weeks extra for ministry products such as tape, cd, video or DVDs as
     they have to be produced for each order in the ministry production centers.
   Economy Service: 2+ to 4+ weeks
     Please allow 1-2+ extra for ministry products such as tape, cd, video or DVDs as
     they have to be produced for each order in the ministry production centers.


Product ships by USPS (includes average time to process, ship and pass thru international customs):

International: Normal Average production/processing/shipping time to your door

    USPS 1st Class & Priority International 2 weeks (quickest) to 5+ weeks

Please be aware that these are only estimates as terrorism searches have delayed orders extra time.


Your FCR® order total (products + shipping & handling) does not include any duties, taxes or customs fees
as FCR® is unable to collect them on our end of shipping.

Note: If you have previously ordered from us or others internationally you may already be aware of Customs fees.

Depending on the total cost of the products, type of products (books, bibles, tapes, videos, health products, etc)
these charges may or may not be applicable to your order.

When applicable the duties, taxes and customs fees are based on a percentage of the product cost and can vary
from 7%-17.5% of the product cost (approx. as rates vary from country to country).

When your parcel arrives within your country exact charges are determined by your government officials and a
C.O.D. or Customs Bill is attached to your order for you to pay, or in some cases you will receive a separate
notification of the charges before the parcel is delivered.

Customers have occasionally been upset at having to pay duties, but we at FCR® know that
when customs are charged, that the God-Centered products and teachings are worth these added charges.


FCR® makes every attempt to ensure that the postal rates charge are accurate,
but reserve the right to increase or decrease rates under these conditions:

  1. Unannounced changes in regional or international postal rates by USPS, UPS or FED-EX.
  2. Electronic errors we discover in your order that have generated innacurate postage charges.

In the event of these circumstances we will notify you by email with the change in postal rate charged
or credited to your account.


See next section. We supply tracking only for orders that have been shipped and appear to be overdue
according to normal transit times to your destination in the U.S.A..

Limited tracking is available for Canada ( none for U.K. & Ireland Australia & New Zealand )


Tracking/delivery confirmation is used on all domestic orders FCR® ships.
On many International order no tracking is available, see above section 2.7.

If your order doesn't arrive within the normal time frame (see Shipping - sections 2.1-2.5)
please give it 5 to 7 extra days to arrive and then contact us by email or phone if it hasn't.

If the order was never confirmed as arriving and is confirmed lost and we will start an investigation
with USPS, UPS or FED-EX using tracking information we have.
In some instances we may request that you contact your local post office first as they may have it or to confirm
with them tracking information before we proceed to the next step of replacing your order.

If FCR® confirms the order was delivered to the address that you supplied us (our verifying delivery to your
destintation using tracking) then the order is deemed stolen, At this point we we have fulfilled our responsibility as a
merchant and bear no responsibility to replace the order or refund your money. If you purchased the optional
insurance we can and will replace promptly, see section 2.3.

Uninsured lost or stolen orders.
Understand that we do sympathize with your situation and if you are willing,
we can re-sell the same product to you at a reduced cost.
Call or email us to obtain replacement so we can get your product on the way.


Should you accidentally provide us with an incorrect address, or move leaving no forwarding address and the order is returned to us as 'undeliverable' or 'no such number' or 'no one with that name' we can re-ship the order to you, but must charge for shipping the returned order back to you.
We will first contact you by phone and/or email to verify the correct address and reship charge.

Should you cancel before your order is re-shipped or you refuse delivery after we re-ship it
re-stocking and administrative fees will be charged
Please click here and read carefully our section:

Returns and Refunds 4.6 Refused Orders/Wrong Address Supplied


Orders received by December 12th we do our best to make delivery by Christmas.
Chose Standard Service not Economy Service ordering after Dec. 1, as Economy may not arrive in time.

PLEASE ENTER PHONE NUMBERS (home, work, cell) you can easily be reached at.

Rush priority is available for certain products ordered between Dec. 12 - 19.
this option will show with delivery date range in the checkout.
if busy or before hours, leave message it will be returned.

Please understand that there may be limitations beyond our control in product availability
as certain ministry products that have to be individually produced for each order
and normally take 7-14 days to produce before they can be shipped.

For any additional information on your shipment please direct your inquiry to:

Teaching - How to be Born Again and Dynamic Interactive Presentation - Are you a Good Person ?? Teaching - What is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and How to Receive Comments, Problems?

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