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Revelation Road
End Times Begin !
Part 1 & 2

The Mark - 666
The Ultimate Fight
for Good and Evil
Part 1 & 2

Taken By Grace
Aubduction, Escape
Grace-Worst Sinners

The Rally
A Change has Come
to the Mob !

True Events God's
Love is Everything!

Escape From Hell
You will Believe !
Motion Picture
& 13 Teachings

Meant To Be
Let There be Life
Dynamic - Totally
a Surprise Ending

I Am Gabriel
All Things Made New
Remarkable Movie
Entire Town Changed !

The Perfect Stranger
Dinner with Jesus...
Nikki Thought it
was a practical joke
but it wasn't !!

Nuclear Suitcase bombs
Hours to find them!

End Times Thriller
Book Has Been Opened !

The Encounter #1
Man at the Diner !

The Encounter #2
Paradise Lost !

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Between Miracles

Beloved Lifestyle

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25 Hell Teachings
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Heaven Teachings
Your Eternal Home

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4.1 Refunds & Exchanges
Correct Product shipped to you from FCR® or one of our Partner Warehouses

FCR® provides as accurate as humanly possible product descriptions on the website.
If you receive product that you ordered and we delivered correctly and wish to return unopened
we can accept the return, but cannot refund the shipping/handling/insurance fees
as we have fulfilled our responsibility to ship what your ordered. If opened different rules apply, see below.

Within 15 days refunds or exchanges will be granted after you receive your order should you change your mind,
but re-stocking/shipping/handling/insurance fee are charged - depending on specifics, read below for specific fees.

Books and other items must be returned in their original condition - unread, unopened and undamaged.

Valerie Saxion/Silver Creek Labs products cannot be returned if seals or shrink wrap are broken or opened
( U.S. Food & Drug Administration Regulations )

A. Correctly Shipped Orders 30+ days old

1. After 30 days no refund or exchanges are allowed.

B. Correctly Shipped Orders less than 30 days old

Note: Items that cannot be returned:
     Movies ( VHS / DVD ), CDs, DVDs, audio tapes, VHS videos
     Bibles, Imprinted Bibles, Computer software, CD-ROMs, or vitamin supplements.
     These items can only be returned if defective and only for exchange see section 4.4.

1. First contact us for a Return Authorization # ( RA ) - no orders will be accepted without an RA #.
2. Return Shipping Costs: You are responsible for all return shipping charges.
    Please send your return with delivery confirmation so you have proof when we receive it.
    Original shipping / handling / insurance charges are not refundable.

3. Restocking Fee: All orders will be assessed a 20% restocking fee.

    This fee covers our costs for paperwork, accounting, returning product to inventory, etc..
4. Refund: Refund will be posted to your account once your return is received and processed.
    We cannot refund checks or money orders, store credit will be issued.
     Please allow 7-14 business days for financial institutions to process once we have submitted the credit.
     Allow 1-2 billing cycles to show on your printed credit, bank or PayPal® statement ( 3-5 days online ).

4.2 Errors in Shipping
A. Wrong Product Shipped by FCR®
B. Wrong Product Ordered by Customer
C. Shortage in Product Shipped by FCR®

A. Wrong Product Shipped to You by FCR® or one of our Partner Warehouses

If a product is shipped to you in error that does not match the product you ordered we will pay for the return shipping of the product shipped in error. We then will ship you the replacement product(s) at no charge upon our receiving back the product shipped in error. Enclose the original invoice (please make a copy yourself) received with the order as we must have this to process a replacement.

Should you desire to keep the product we will make special arrangements gladly to accommodate your desires and adjust your bill accordingly.

B. Wrong Product Ordered by Customer

FCR® fills every order according to the original order you entered in the shopping cart system. At the end of the order you can save to file or print a copy of the order and additionally are emailed an order summary to make sure before we ship that what you ordered is correct. It is your responsibility to notify us of mistakes before shipping which can occur within 0-72 hours of our receiving the order (this applies even to some economy ship orders that sometimes process very quickly).

Should you receive product that you ordered incorrectly or by mistake ( wrong product ) and wish to return it, a re-stocking fee applies only if you want a refund, however if you desire to exchange it for another product ( whether it is what you originally order or something new you wish to substiute ) you must contact us first by phone or email and we will give you instructions on how to return the product to us via the shipper of your choice ( we recommend getting delivery confirmation / proof of delivery ). This return is at your cost as we shipped the product you ordered.

Upon our receiving back the product we then will ship you the replacement product ( if product differs in price we will be happy to adjust your form of payment up or down ), but must charge the return shipping to you. Enclose the original invoice ( please make a copy for yourself ) that you received with the order, as we must have this to process a replacement or refund.

C. Shortage in Product Shipped by FCR®

All shortages must be reported within 30 days of receiving your order. Please contact us by email using the address on the Shipping Confirmation emailed to you when your order shipped and let us know what product you are short. Upon receiving your email communication we will research your order and reply back with a shipping timetable for the replacement.

Should wait to contact us about shortage more than 30 days from the date of receiving your order , by law FCR® is not responsible for replacement or refund of product cost that you claim as missing.

REFUND: If you desire a refund, the refund is the product cost less a 25% re-stocking fee ( no refund for the original shipping/handling fees or return postage to us ). The refund will be posted to your card / bank / PayPal® account, please allow 7-14 business days for financial institutions to process the transaction and 1-2 billing cycles to show up on your printed credit, bank or PayPal® statement, online 3-5 days.

Note: We cannot issue refunds on products that we do not sell thru our website or our partner warehouses.

4.3 Damage in Shipping

Should a product be damaged in shipment, we will pay for return shipping and ship you a replacement at no charge. Please contact Customer Service at the email address below within the first thirty days of receiving your purchase, after 30 DAYS there is no exchange.

When Customer Service authorizes the return, you will receive a product return authorization. FCR® will arrange for shipping at its expense or reimburse you for shipping to us. Please enclose the original invoice (please make a copy for yourself) received with the order as we must have this to process a replacement.

  • Return authorization for merchandise:

  • 4.4 Defective Items - Exchange/Replacement

    If a product you ordered is defective due to manufacturer defects (i.e., missing pages, bad printing, poor audio/video quality, etc.), FCR® will replace the product.

    Please contact Customer Service from this email link within the first thirty days of receiving your purchase, after 30 DAYS there is no exchange

    When Customer Service authorizes the return, please use the address we provide and return the product. FCR® will arrange for return shipping (same shipping method that you originally paid for) at our expense for the exchange/replacement product upon our receiving the defective product, which must have back before the exchange/replacement can take place.

    Please allow 2-3 weeks for replacement of individual tapes, CDs, Videos that are part of series.

    Please allow 1-2 weeks for all other replacement / exchanges.

    Note: No refunds are allowed for defective products, only exchange / replacement is allowed.

    4.5 Cancellation of Order - Refund Request
    A. Prior to Shipping
    B. After Shipping


    You may cancel your order prior to shipping by telephoning Customer Service or emailing us at

    Please contact us asap after your order has been submitted as many orders will process / enter the shipping
    process within minutes of them being recieved and are not possible to stop.
    Be sure to include your order # and date in the email or call us by phone:
    Click here for Contact Us Infomation

    1. Many orders have products that are specially produced by ministries in their production centers
    for your order and a cancellation/restocking fee of 20% of the product cost will apply if the product
    has been produced, even if it hasn't shipped yet to you.

    2. Please read the section below "AFTER ENTERING THE SHIPPING PROCESS" for details.

    REFUND: A full refund of the product cost, including shipping/handling/insurance charges will be posted to your credit card for orders cancelled prior to entering the shipping process. Please allow 7-14 business days for financial institutions to process the transaction once we have authorized the credit and it may take 1-2 billing cycles to show up on your printed credit, bank or PayPal® statement.


    We cannot cancel or change an order once it has entered the shipping process, is enroute to you or has been delivered to you.
    Please understand that many of our products such as books, tapes, Cds, videos and DVD are specifically produced or obtained for your order and thus should you decide to cancel, return all or part of your order, we as a company cannot return your product to the ministry / company for credit without our company paying shipping back to them and incurring a re-stocking fee from them as well. This is why we must access cancellation fees.

    Read next paragraph for important information as a re-stocking fee is accessed for these situations.

    REFUND: A refund of the product(s) cost less a 25% re-stocking fee, and less shipping and handling fees or optional insurance which are not refundable, will be posted to your credit / debit card, checking / savings account or to PayPal® for orders cancelled after entering the shipping process.

    Example Of Refund Amount after shipped/delivered:
    Order Total Cost: $42.60 ( product cost $34.95, shipping/handling $7.65 ).
    $16.38 cancellation, shipping/handling and restocking fees
    $22.66 refund amount ( $42.60 - $16.38 = $22.66 refund )

    Please allow 7-14 business days for financial institutions to process the transaction and 1-2 billing cycles to show up on your printed credit, bank or PayPal® statement and 3-5 days to appear online.

    4.6 Refused Orders (Includes Refused Orders after FCR® Ships to You)
    A. Domestic
    B. International
    C. Wrong Address Supplied
    D. Refund Amount

    A. Refused Order - *Domestic.
    Should you refuse an order when it arrives at you home or business, without first calling FCR® and speaking to a customer service representative to discuss the reasons for desiring to return it (see section 4.5 "After Shipping"),
    you are responsible for all shipping/handling charges
    to you and any return shipping charges FCR® incurs, plus a *re-stocking/administration fee (see below).

    Note: FCR® is not responsible for any misuse of credit card or PayPal® accounts by family members mis-representing themselves to buy products with FCR® to USPS verified addresses with tracking confirmation, all restocking, shipping/handling fees apply as this is an internal family problem you as a customer must handle with the individual family member.

    B. Refused Order - *International.
    Should you refuse an order you are responsible for all shipping/handling charges both to you and any return shipping charges to FCR®, plus a *re-stocking/administration fee (see below). Additionally you will be charged for any duties, taxes, brokerage or custom fees associated with your refused order ( as many times these fees that are levied by your government on your shipment are not cancelable ) should FCR® be required to pay them in order for us to get the refused order back from your country.

    C. Wrong Address Supplied - *Domestic or International
    Should your order be returned to FCR® as 'undeliverable' we will contact you. If it is determined that the address you supplied us is incorrect we must charge you again for shipping in order to re-ship it.
    If however, you decide not to have it re-shipped and to cancel instead, you will be assessed a
    *re-stocking / administration fee for returned merchandise ( see below ).

    D. Refund Amount: Domestic or International.
    Your refund will be issued within 7 business days after the receipt of the refused merchandise at our facilities minus these charges: postage, handling charges, insurance, any duties
    and *re-stocking/administration fees (see below).

    A 35% Re-stocking fee (calculated on product cost excluding shipping).
    The shipping / handling / insurance fees are not refundable.

    The above refused order policy applies if the order is not canceled prior to entering shipping and it is then
    refused by you and returned to FCR®.

    4.7 Lost Orders or missing product within an order ( Domestic or International )

    Important! To obtain a replacement order:
    Any order not received or shortage within a order must be reported to FCR® within 120 days ( 4 months ) of order date.
    Beyond this date no replacement or refund will be given for any order or portion of order claimed as "lost", or "not received" as this time period is more than reasonable to report loss or shortage.

    As a merchant, FCR® complies with Visa®/Mastercard®/Discover®/Amx®/Paypal®/eCheck® regulations and policies. These credit, debit, banks and companies have policies that specifically address this issue and have set 120 days as a "reasonable" maximum time period for any card holder to report loss and beyond this time period will not refund (chargeback) funds to your account.

    FCR® uses tracking / delivery confirmation on all U.S.A. orders shipped (on several classes of International shipping, no tracking is available).

    If your order does not arrive within the normal time frame (see Shipping - sections 2.1-2.5) please let us know immediately by email or phone. If the order has been lost (address correct or unreadable due to damaged label) and never was confirmed as having arrived at your destination we will investigate the matter with the Postal or UPS authorities. We may request that you contact your local post office first or confirm shipping address. After our determination of lost, we will within 14 days send out a replacement order at no cost to you via the same shipping method originally specified (if you wish to upgrade shipping contact us for the cost).

    Should you decide to cancel after we have authorized a new order to ship from us or our partner warehouse that shipped it to replace the lost one, we must charge re-stocking/admin/shipping fees. See section 4.6 above.

    Should your order show up after we send out a replacement please notify us before opening it. We will let you know if it is OK to accept or refuse it in lieu of the replacement on its way to you. If the double order is not returned, we will bill your credit card/PayPal account for the duplicate order.

    **Orders Confirmed as Delivered by USPS, UPS or FED-EX: If FCR® confirms the order was delivered to the address that you supplied us with, we have legally fulfilled our responsibility as an online merchant and bear no responsibility to replace the order or refund your money for free. Our no refund policy is based on requirements by the credit card companies, banks and PayPal to have tracking for all orders to verify delivery. They will not issue credit when we have proof of delivery.

    This is why we offer inexpensive insurance on all orders in the checkout area, so that if your order is "confirmed" as delivered to your porch, mailbox, etc. and it is then stolen you can receive a "free replacement". However , if you did not purchase this insurance, we at FCR® will as a courtesy to you and to help you out, will sell you the same product (subject to stock availability) at our "wholesale cost" with "reduced" shipping charges. Let us know if you wish to do this.

    However if you purchased our Recommended Option Insurance we can start the process of "free replacement".

    Final note: Should you seek, through your bank or credit card company (Chargeback), to receive a refund on this order we will challenge the Chargeback with our documented "Proof of Delivery".
    See next section 4.8. However, we pray a dispute never reaches this point and that the above reduced cost shipment will be satisfactory.

    4.8 Cancellation Of Order Charges By Customer

    Note: Should you cancel all or part of the charges to your credit / debit card / eCheck or PayPal® account ( technically called a Chargeback ) without notifying FCR® by email or telephone you will be assessed a $15.00 administration fee.

    There is no need for "Chargebacks" as we welcome communications with all our customers and can resolve most problems speedily and if the situation justifies it, issue a refund within 24-72 hours, thus avoiding the $15.00 fee being assessed. Just go to 'Contact Us' at the top of this page for email address to send communications.

    4.9 Return Instructions

    Get a Return Authorization first by contacting us before sending back all or part
    of your order otherwise it will be refused by FCR® and returned to you.

    Indicate the reason(s) you are returning the product along with the packing slip. Please package the product in the original box or envelope if possible. We recommend you use a method of shipment that provides proof of delivery: U.S. Mail or UPS. Unless defective you must pay return shipping costs.
    If you do not have the original packing slip please include a piece of paper with the reason for return and your order number.
    You will notified by email when refund is posted to your credit card/PayPal account minus shipping/handling/re-stocking charges.

    To obtain Return Authorization (RA) contact us by phone or email us at:
    We will contact you back with RA # and address to send to if approved.

    4.10 Correct Address Supplied / Order Returned Undeliverable

    In cases where the address supplied is correct and FCR® receives the order back, we will reship the product to you,
    but must charge a reship fee to cover return postage and to cover the repackaging ( when necessary ).

    Should you desire to cancel the order at this point, a re-stocking/admin/shipping fee will be charged. See section 4.6 above.

    When other customers have had their orders returned we have found that it is usually due to one of these factors:
    1. New or substitute carrier not locating your address.
    2. Notice being left and item not being picked up at the local post office.
    3. Mail receptacle too small to leave item.
    4. No notice left by letter carrier.
    5. Other mail carrier problems that are beyond our control.

    We strongly suggest that you contact the postal authority that oversees your area and lodge a formal complaint to the postmaster about not receiving your correctly addressed mail. FCR® is not responsible for the actions of the shipping service used when mail is addressed correctly, but you, the addressee, have the right and duty to contact and lodge a complaint with the shipper we used whether USPS, UPS or Fed Ex. This also may insure this of not happening again for other mail you may receive in the future from us or others.



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