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  • -Love Comes Softly Series, Last Flight Out
  • Valerie Saxion/Silver Creek Labs Health Products
  • John Hagee Ministry Teachings - Books, Tapes, Videos
  • What's New? Biblical Economics - Christian Finances Teachings
  • Joyce Meyer Teachings - ENJOYING EVERYDAY LIFE
  • What our customer's are saying...unsolicited comments
  • Introducing Jesse Duplantis Ministries
  • Holy Spirit/ Holy Ghost Teaching Products New Category

  • Greetings in the Name of Jesus - Staff,

    This sample edition of the FCR newsletter is designed to inform you of improvements and new products we've added that make FCR your "one-stop source" for Faith-Centered products both here in the USA and in Canada, Ireland, U.K., New Zealand and Australia.

    Since our founding in 2002, we at FCR have been responsive to our customers needs and requests. In the past several months we have enhanced our website in five ways. #1 - Enhanced the checkout area with clearer larger text. #2 - Added insurance and 'rush' shipping options for many additonal products. #3 - Offer payment options for cashier's checks and money orders. #4 - Favorites - now you can save any page to your favorites from our site with a click of your mouse - to come back at any time easily!! #5 - Instituted more sophisticated security messures to verify credit/check details to protect against fraud and identity theft with GoDaddy® and AuthorizeNet® secure site certificates and 256 bit encryption technology - the best in the industry.

    Last Flight Out! Bill Graham World Wide Pictures

    Stationed in the remote Colombian village of Alto Risco, medical missionary Ann Williams and her family are running out of time. News reports say guerilla fighters and drug runners are terrorizing villagers and enslaving workers. Ann's father asks for help from an old friend---Dan Hogan, a washed-up pilot and Ann's ex-boyfriend. Will his sketchy rescue mission succeed?

    Don't miss the little publicized film Flywheel, the story of one man's humorous and inspiring journey to win back the heart of his wife and son after succumbing to the pressures of compromising his ethics to earn money at any price in operating his used car lot - available now on VHS and DVD. Watch and share the soul-winning, heart-pounding thriller - "Six" - set in the end times where three men must make the decision to take the 'mark' or die!

    Back in! Many titles in the Bible Collection series of movies including the new release of "The Apolcalypse" and "Paul the Apostle". Award winning for the quality of production and the powerful biblical content.

    FCR is proud to offer our customers a greatly expanded movie section with many preview trailers available to watch. Four new sections to choose from: BIBLICAL STORIES, EPICS & SPECTACULARS, CHILDREN'S, END-TIMES, PROPHESY & EVANGELISTIC 'MESSAGE' FILMS & LIFE STORIES, TRUE ACCOUNTS & BIOGRAPHIES. Use our movie link in the Quick Links.

    International customers. Many of our DVDs are now "all region' compatible so you too can enjoy great Christian films. Be sure to read our special notes on "About Film, Video & Movie, Formats & Region Compatibility " located on our films and movies home page.

    Family Films home page....

    Valerie Saxion / Total Health / Silver Creek Labs Health Products
    We are pleased to offer this excellent line of nutritional products to our customers. Valerie Saxion N.D. has done pioneering work in the field of health, especially in the area of internal cleansing from environmental pollutants, parasites and candida/yeast problems. She has been a frequent guest on the TBN and Daystar networks as well as national talk programs. We offer her complete programs which have helped many thousands of people.

    Dr. Saxion has authored 7 books on health that we carry: How to Feel Great All the Time, Gospel of Health Every Body has Parasites, Conquering the Fatigue, Depression & Weight Gain caused by Low Thyroid, How to Detoxify & Renew your Body from Within and more....

    Valerie Saxion/Silver Creek Labs home page...

    John Hagee Ministry Teachings - Books, CDs, DVDs
    Dr. John Hagee has achieved nationwide recognition as a preacher that is not afraid to proclaim the uncompromising word of God, no matter what the consequences. His preaching is powerful and insightful focusing on living a life of victory and making an impact on the world for Jesus.

    We feature every one of Dr. Hagee, Diana Hagee (his wife) and Matthew Hagee (their son) teachings - over 250 at present! The Hagees have several excellent teachings on marriage and family including "What Every Man wants to Know about Women/What Every Woman wants to Know about Men" in hardback book, CD, DVD.

    Dr. Hagee is known as one of the great prophecy teachers of this era and for his biblical expositions of the end times, including the books of Daniel, Ezekiel and Revelation. He is also known as America's greatest friend of Israel and has many dynamic teachings on the middle east. Two of his outstanding series are: Prophesy for the 21st Century and Beyond Iraq.


    What's New? Biblical Economics - Christian Finances Teachings
    FCR'S Money & Finances section is designed to provide you with the wisdom and knowledge from God's Holy Bible to help you succeed an prosper in today's world. To get out of debt, learn investment strategies and understand God's system of money stewardship.

    FEATURE BOOK - 'The Seven Secrets'. Best-selling author and pastor John Hagee explains how you can dream big, move to the next level, and experience more fulfillment. Gleaned from decades of successful living, these insights will challenge you to become pro active in your personal and professional life. To order type the name in the check box on the BIBLICAL ECONOMICS - CHRISTIAN FINANCES home page.

    ADDITIONAL SERIES - You're not Broke You have a seed'. Did you know that there are secrets to walking in God's favor? Did you know that there are things you can do to cause financial increase to begin to flow in your life? In "You're Not Broke You Have A Seed," Dr. Leroy Thompson looks at the scriptural laws of seedtime and harvest and the importance of knowing and understanding the power of a financial seed to deliver you from any financial dilemma. Discover the true meaning of seedtime and harvest through such bible-based topics as: The purpose, process and planting of the seed... The importance of not eating your seed!... How to sow for a Living... Understanding Due Season... And much more...

    We feature Authors such as: John Avanzini, Dr. Leroy Thompson, Dr. Frederick K.C. Price, Dr. Creflo Dollar, Dr. Nassir Siddiki, Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth Hagin, Jesse Duplantis and more. Checkout Dr. Nassir Siddiki's latest offerings on investing and wealth building in the stock market.


    Joyce Meyer Teachings - ENJOYING EVERYDAY LIFE
    Joyce Meyer is recognized as a Bible teacher that is able to communicate biblical principles clearly on subjects that touch on everyday life. Her daily/weekly broadcasts are carried on the TBN, Daystar and several other inspirational networks. FCR carries nearly every teaching produced by Joyce.

    FEATURED PRODUCTS: Bestselling author Joyce Meyer shows readers the seven major attitudes the enemy uses to rob believers of their joy. Taking readers to a new level of living, "Seven Things That Steal Your Joy" illustrates the key to maintaining joy in the midst of daily challenges. Hardback book. In "Approval Addiction" Joyce explores why we are motivated to respond to people and situations and reveals that much of the time it is to gain approval from people and in the end hurting us more than helping us.

    FEATURED SERIES: Joyce has produced a series of mid-sized books perfect for quick reading and taking along in a purse or briefcase called 'Straight talk...' Each focuses on an area we all face: Fear, Discouragement, Stress, Insecurity, Loneliness, etc....Affordable priced.


    What our customer's are saying...unsolicited comments
    "I received the VHS of "Close Encounters of the God Kind" yesterday and my family and I watched it last night. It was absolutely incredible". - J.F., Texas................ "Thank you so much. My father called today to say he'd received his gift and was very pleased". - D.T., Illinois............... "Thank you for being so prompt in answering...You people are WONDERFUL!!!" - H.S., Washington (In response to FCR sending an express shipment of healing materials to critically ill person in hospital)

    "I was able to watch the video that Bro Duplantis made...talking about his trip to heaven. It was incredible and I would like to order that tape as well as the audio tape he mentions" - B.M., Texas.................... "Order received Friday and single healing tape came on Monday. Everything received fine and in wonderful condition. God Bless and Thank you very much". - I.S., Wisconsin

    "I have enjoyed surfing through your catalogue. I am very grateful for the UK prices (which very few USA sites offer)". Rev G.T. - England............... "I have recently received my Left Behind DVD I purchased from your company. I had already purchased the second DVD in the series called Tribulation Force...However, I did not have high expectations about the quality of the films, (I assumed they would be 'low budget' type). I set out to watch them last night. I was so enthralled that I couldn't stop. The quality of the acting, special effects and everything was unbelievable. I thoroughly enjoyed both films". - K.A., England


    Dr. Creflo Dollar and his wife, Taffi pastor World Changers Church, with a congregation of over 20,000 people. They are internationally known authors, teachers and conference speakers with a ministry that reaches the local community and spans the globe. They are seen and heard throughout the world on the "Changing Your World" broadcasts, via television and radio. The Dollars also conduct conventions across the U.S. and around the world. Both are known for their practical teachings that are targeted to empower you to 'overcome' in every area of life: faith, finances, marriage, walking in love, prayer, etc..

    FEATURED PRODUCT: 'Divine Direction' (Audio tape & CD) Like many people, you may have already mapped out a path for success and greatness. Or perhaps you just don't know which way to turn. Whatever the case may be, did you know that God has a plan for your life? Do you know what it is? Are you willing to find out? In the illuminating series, Divine Direction, Dr. Creflo A. Dollar provides practical guidelines to assist you in seeking after and walking in God's plan for your life. Message titles include: God's Divine Plan... What Is My Purpose in Life?... Discovering Your Destiny... Making God's Vision a Reality... Unfolding Your Purpose... You were created with a purpose. Without a clear understanding of that purpose, you will remain frustrated, discouraged and unfulfilled. Learn to pursue divine direction and fulfill your destiny!

    FEATURED PRODUCT: 'How to Experience the Good Life' (audio tape & video). Many people often consider life to be a daily struggle. From trying to make ends meet to balancing family, employment and individual goals, these everyday activities can wear out even the most focused of individuals! As a result, it's not uncommon to hear them ask, "Is this all there is to life?" The answer is no! There is a better life-one of continual victory, financial abundance and perfect health. The only way to this "good life" however, is through Jehovah the Good. In this dynamic series, Dr. Creflo A. Dollar defines the term "good life," and emphasizes the importance of seeing God as a generous, merciful and compassionate Being. Through Scripture, he explains the real purpose for living the good life and shares simple, Bible-based steps that will enable you to tap into the life of peace and joy that you've always wanted and God desires for you to experience.

    FEATURED PRODUCT: God Is A Big God! (video) "Now to Him able superabundantly, far over and above all that we [dare] ask or think [infinitely beyond our highest prayers, desires, thoughts, hopes, or dreams]--To Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations forever and ever..." (Ephesians 3:20,AMP). Most people have a tendency to compartmentalize areas of their lives. After carefully labeling each part "occupation, finances, relationships, traditions, education, and religious beliefs," we place them in a box and keep them all neatly filed away in our hearts and minds. However, God is too big to fit into any category. In this exciting 2-tape teaching Taffi L. Dollar lays the foundation for God's desire to bless His people with abundance. Through Scripture, she explains the depth of God's love for His people, and the lengths He will go to provide for them.


    Introducing Jesse Duplantis Ministries
    Jesse and Cathy Duplantis are noted authors, evangelists, and teachers who travel extensively throughout the United States, Canada, and around the globe. Jesse is known for his solid bible teachings that are uplifting and positive - interwoven with hilarious stories from his personal life that perfectly illustrate what he is teaching. His wife Cathy is becoming known for her bible teachings focusing on overcoming and being victorious in every area of life.

    FEATURED PRODUCT: "A Merry Heart Doeth Good like a Medicine" vol. 1-5 on audio tape, CD, Video and DVD. The best of Jesse's hilarious teachings - each illustrating a biblical principle causing you to laugh and gain a new perspective on the victorious life Jesus has provided for each believer.

    FEATURED PRODUCT: Prosperity is not About Possessions it's about Priorities' (video) Discover the reality of living in the blessed life! Learn how to see the difference between choosing cursing and blessing by making a quality decision to do things God's way - the wise way! Dr. Jesse Duplantis will help you to see that blessing is a result of choice, and not of chance. He'll help you to realize that you are the steward of your money, but God is the owner. The earth is the Lord's! Learn how to put your priorities in line with God's Word and master this important area of your life!

    FEATURED PRODUCT: 'What in Hell do You Want?" (book, tape, video, DVD) In this straightforward teaching, Jesse will open your eyes to the cryptic lure of sin and give you the tried and true methods he has used for years to combat even the most magnetic temptation. You will view sin, any sin, in a whole new light as Jesse challenges you to: Recognize the temptations that are "common" to man Guard your thoughts with bold words of faith Release unholy ambitions and live in love Banish evil imaginations and say "No!" to all lust and much much more! As Jesse says, "Sin will take you further than you want to go; keep you longer than you want to stay; charge you more than you want to pay!" Sin is vomit in the eyes of God, and once you get a revelation of this powerful truth, you'll never want to go back to it again!


    Holy Spirit/ Holy Ghost Teaching Products New Category
    Not only does FCR offer books, tapes, videos and tracts arranged in alphabetical on the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost for sale in our main Dynamic Faith Building Products Store Home, but we also feature a special Category arranged by author with these featured products.

    Also at the top of every page on the FCR website is a special teaching on the Holy Spirit Baptism, just click on the "dove" image.

    This above 'Holy Spirit Baptism' teaching section was designed for Christians as a resource and teaching aid to direct your friends and acquaintances to, with a free mini-book offer. Feel free to save the address in your favorites and email the address.

    We ask you to please look upon FCR as God's site as it is dedicated to Glorify God the Father, Jesus Christ His Son and the Holy Spirit!


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