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FCR® & FCR Extended Shopping stores are your "One-Stop Source"
for 160,000 'faith centered' teachings & specialty Christian products.
The many partnerships and cooperative relationships with ministries, film makers,
companies, distributors & authors that we have allows this

unique free service enabling you the convienience of buying these
products from one website, instead of many, at the
same prices and sometimes
lower prices than directly purchased.
No sales tax to all states or countries except in our home base state of Arizona.

FCR® - An Offical Retail Source for many ministry's products and a secure
shopping enviroment protecting personal and payment information with 256 bit encryption.

FCR ® "One-Source" ordering - time & money savings
with just one postal rate for products from multiple sources!
Buying your ministry products thru FCR® we keep confidental your name-address info.

This info will never be given to a ministry for their mailing - donnation list.
Easy-to-Buy, whether one item or many.
Our Promise - Fair Prices - No Gimmicks - Excellent Customer Service


Many secular online sellers such as, Barnes & Noble, E-Bay, Wal-Mart, Target, etc. sell Christian books, films and products at discounted prices due to huge buying power...


Some of the above ONLY have this kind of 'buying power' because they sell, and some even promote, their occult, diversified lifestyle, PG-13/R-Rated movies, pornographic (Playboy, Penthouse, Gay, Lesbian) books, magazines, calendars, videos, downloads, etc.
which are absolutely "
Anti-Christian" & "Not Family-Oriented"
"all in the name of profit..."
Is it really worth saving a few dollars, free super-saver shipping, etc. ??


Buying from Christian retailers such as FCR®
"Keeps your money in God's Kingdom" and truly helps promote
the spread of the gospel and the "good things" of God's Kingdom.

A percentage from all FCR® sales goes to tithes & offerings.
FCR® does business with as many Christian businesses as possible
and encourages Christians everywhere to do the same.

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