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The practical reasons of why we created that category.
The scriptural basis for the need to study the specific subject matter of that category.
Key features found within that category.

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APOLOGETICS & CULTS      Close Window

Apologetics is the defense of the Christian faith based on scientific facts, logical reasoning, scriptural evidence and historical verification of the accuracy of the transmission of the Bible from the original writings to the present day versions now published. Through the comparison of basic principles essential to the core teachings of Christianity and other religions or philosophies apologetic materials can strengthen a person(s) faith greatly and be invaluable in witnessing.

Cults are religious systems that take scriptures either from the holy Bible or from non-biblical sources (Koran, Hindu Vedas, Buddhist manuscripts, etc.) And create belief systems based upon error and untruth. Cults can be very small in numbers of adherents or have millions of followers - some are peaceable and others have violence and hate in their core teachings. Most have at their head (either living or dead) one central figure who is looked upon as final authority for the teachings and practices.

Author & Ministry Products & Profiles      Close Window

These special categories were created to help you focus on the specific product offerings of a particular author or ministry. When you go to the Author & Ministry Products & Profile page you will find all the products available organized by author/ministry. Here is an example from Creflo Dollar Ministries page:

     Creflo A. Dollar Jr. - Books Tapes Videos CDs
     Taffi L. Dollar - Books Tapes Videos CDs

Additional special sub-sections are included, where applicable, such as: Current & TV Offers and Films & Movies .

When you view the products, all listings are alphabetized to aid you in locating particular titles. Ordering is easy, just click and that item is added to your shopping cart! You can continue shopping or go to the checkout and pay.

Note: You can access the drop-down menu for this section from the upper navigation box Author Profiles on any page on our site.

Authority of the Believer      Close Window

When a person receives Jesus as Savior and makes him their Lord, they enter into a new Covenant, which was ratified by Jesus' blood. They are transferred out of the kingdom of darkness (Satan's rule and authority) and into God the Father (Jehovah's) kingdom. They become sons and daughters of God with very well defined rights and responsibilities to God.

This category focuses on the spiritual authority that Jesus confers on every believer - authority to bind demonic spirits and to loose God's power over all of life's circumstances. "Death and life is in the power of the tongue" (Proverbs 18:21). The scripture states very clearly, therefore within this category are teachings on the authority that words carry - words spoken by God to us and the words we speak.

Bible Study Guides and Devotionals      Close Window

The Bible was written by men moved upon by God to transmit to mankind His divinity, nature and plan for eternity. In it is a chronicle of history starting with the Garden of Eden and God’s relationship to man in it; continuing through the establishment of the nation of Israel and God’s covenants with it; to God’s plans and dealing with the nations of the earth.

The Bible Study Guides products will help you gain a greater understanding of God’s plan for you and mankind through carefully researched commentaries, word studies and scripture exegeses books, tapes, cds and videos. Even as men moved by God wrote the Holy Scriptures, God has again in the last century prompted men and women to author these types of products for the building up of our faith. Though they are not inerrant (without error) these materials will help us understand more fully difficult passages and scripture as a whole.

Also offered are journals that you can use for sermon notes, prayers, etc..

BIBLES-USA      Close Window

Bibles-USA Printed And Electronic is a division of Faith Centered Resources that was formed to provide a selection of Bibles to the world in the diverse formats that are now available such as: printed, electronic hand-held, audio tape, cd, video, dvd and computer software programs. This category is divided into two sections: 1. Printed books 2. Electronic digital Bibles and Software.

FCR carries translations proven over time to be accurate to the original manuscripts. Several newer translations are outstanding in that the translators take the original languages the Bible was written in (Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic) and amplify it, expand the text by using as many words as necessary to accurately reflect all the meaning that single words in the English language have difficulty expressing.

We have sorted through the vast selection of versions, cover materials sizes and types (study, reference, etc.) with the goal to provide you concise product groups that eliminate the confusion of Bible selection. To further enhance this goal, we have product descriptions that contain in-depth information about the version, study helps, features, etc., to aid in your selection(s). Our Bible FAQs page will school you in the basic differences between bible versions. Future plans are to add an expanded section that covers the history of how scholars have created from the historical text, today’s bible versions. Currently we offer both English and Spanish language bibles. In the future we will offer other languages as well.

Biographies & Testimonials       Close Window

Personal life stories of ministers of the gospel, missionaries, and common-everyday people. Inspirational accounts on people's personal journey(s) to faith in Jesus Christ. Some of the selections are authored by the individual themselves while others are written by skilled non-fictions writers.

Christmas 2004      Close Window

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Faith Centered Resources is please to present these ten gift sub-categories for your Christmas & New Year's gift shopping. Many items offered are seasonal, brought in specially for the season from our publishers and gift sources, while others are selected from our current offerings of Bible and Word based teachings. Please target placing your orders before December 15, as after that date we cannot guarantee Christmas delivery. Gift Certificates are also available and easy to purchase.

Contemporary and Church Issues      Close Window

Being a Christian in today's world of computers, television, Hollywood, medical breakthroughs, euthanasia, abortion, secular education and dozens of other issues that aren't specifically addressed in the Bible prompted the offerings in this category. The materials provide biblically sound answers to the above issues and in many selections also address how we as Christians should live and respond. Contemporary issues also features books that report on current events such as the persecution of believers in other nations.

Covenant Living - Blood Covenant      Close Window

The Bible is split into two sections, the Old Testament (Covenant) and the New Testament (Covenant). God made certain promises to the people and nation of Israel under the old Covenant of which some were unconditional, while others had conditions that needed to be met for them to be fulfilled - obedience to the law, sacrifices offered through the priests, tithes and offerings, feast days, etc.

In the new Covenant, Jesus has made better promises and ratified them by his atonement through the shedding of his blood at the cross. Within the new Covenant believers are promised blessings, protection, provision and much more. At the same time, there are certain requirements to receive God's promises manifested. This category provides in-depth materials on how to live in God's Covenant.

Emotional Growth and Victory      Close Window

This category focuses teachings on emotions - love, hate, anger, compassion, joy, happiness, fear, depression, anxiety, jealousy, envy, etc.. In the both the Old & New Testament, God has much to say about how we are to handle emotions and have victory over negative, destructive emotions such as anger, rage, jealously, envy. Surprising advice as to when anger, and yes even fear, is Godly! Within our offerings we have many products that address these issues directly, pulling no punches. Authored by nationally and internationally respected bible teachers and ministries with decades of wisdom to help you achieve emotional growth and victory!

End Times & Prophesy      Close Window

Understanding the times we live in is crucial for success and victory. The Bible clearing speaks of a time when the forces of evil, masterminded by Satan, multiply and cause great turmoil, pain, suffering, crime, hatred, war, and confusion upon the inhabitants of the world. Fully one-third of the Bible is prophesy with God (the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit) speaking through men and women about future events hundreds and thousands of years before they occur with pinpoint accuracy.

Many Biblical scholars believe that we are in the "end times", the "last days" before the coming of Jesus Christ back to the earth to rule and reign. This category provides stimulating and thought provoking studies on where we are in history, the tribulation, the antichrist and much more.

Faith      Close Window

God the supreme creator declared through the apostle Paul that, "without faith it is impossible to please him" (Heb. 11:6). Jesus Christ, when approached in his ministry on the earth was asked by two blind men to be healed - Jesus' response was "according to your faith, be it done to you" (Mat. 9:29). In another instance Jesus forgave a woman her sins and then said to her, "your faith has saved you. Go in peace" (Luke 7:50).

As you can see from the above examples, God places a great importance in faith. This category will give you a wealth of practical knowledge of how to live and walk by faith: to understand what it is, how it operates, how to grow in faith and how to exercise your faith in every circumstance of life. "That the genuineness of your faith, being much more precious than gold that perishes...may be found to praise, honor and glory at the revelation of Jesus Christ" 1 Peter 1:7.

Films, Motion Pictures and Teaching Videos      Close Window

FILMS AND MOTION PICTURES OVERVIEW: Christian-based stories and in nearly every instance, produced by Christians film makers. This category features a selection of family friendly offerings on a variety of subjects: action, drama, comedy, love stories and more.

Christian film making has been making tremendous strides in the quality and sophistication of production, directing, cinematography, acting, special effects and writing. FCR's offerings include both video and the exciting high-quality format of DVDs. As the months progress we will have many more titles available. Enjoy with a bowl of popcorn and a beverage!

FORMATS OF FILMS, MOTION PICTURES AND TEACHING VIDEOS: VHS Video & DVD. Technically speaking both are produced in NTSC format suitable for players in North America.

VIDEOS: Overseas customers our VHS videos can only be played on machines that are NTSC or Pal/NTSC dual capable. They cannot be played on a Pal only machine.

DVDs: Look for "Region Compatibility" at the beginning of each film company section. Many of our selections are "All Region" and Jesse DuPlantis ministry is the first to release a two sided "All Region" and "PAL" format on the other side. If you are in doubt about your player's capabilities talk to your local electronics store. We recommend to all our customers who are considering buying a new DVD machine to make sure it is multi-region capable.

DVD Region Compatibility:
Region 1 = North America Only
Region 1,2,3 = Europe
All Region = Europe

Gifts and Gift Certificates       Close Window

Special products that you would feel good to give for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversary, get well, graduations, etc. This category will grow over the months ahead so please keep checking.

Government, Law & The U.S. Constitution      Close Window

This category was created to inform Christians of their rights, responsibilities and duties as citizens of their country. With the many assaults on our basic God given liberties through the court and legislative system, the products offered will be of great value to understanding what our response as Christians should be. Although some of the materials are specifically oriented for U.S. citizens, many are not and contain Bible principles of law and justice applicable to citizens of any country in the world. A thorough understanding of the Constitution and founding documents of America is crucial for standing strong against the evil spiritual forces using men and women to undermine it. Within our offering we have materials that will are informative and useful.

A special link to the ACLJ website is included for the latest news on the many legal and constitutional issues in the courts today. Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel, and his staff have written resources and are available on a "case reviewed" basis to provide legal assistance to Christians who are facing and have suffered religious liberty infringements.

Health, Healing, Diet & Exercise       Close Window

The Bible states that our bodies are, “What? Know Ye not that your body is the temple of the holy spirit?” ( 1 Cor. 6:9). We are eternal spirits, we live in a body and have a mind that consists of our thoughts, emotions and will. After the fall of Adam and eve and then the subsequent flood of Noah's day, our earth and its atmosphere have deteriorated from the original Garden of Eden conditions. There are many factors that affect our health and well-being: the environment (air & water quality), diet, exercise, sleep, stress, heredity and many more.

This selection focuses on God's system of healthful living - his principles for maintaining and regaining health when faced with sickness or disease. The Bible teaches that the spiritual and the natural work together and cannot be separated. These teachings will show you how to live a happier, healthier and longer life.

Heaven & Angels      Close Window

No topics are probably discussed more, than these, by people who believe in God. There is as much wrong information about Heaven and angels, published as there is correct information. This category will give you Bible-based teaching on these subjects, for it has much to say on them.

Where is Heaven? What are angels? Will we become angels when we go to Heaven? Does everyone eventually go to Heaven? These are but a few of the questions that will be answered within the titles offered.

Hell, Demons & Deliverance       Close Window

For Christians and non-Christians this can be quite a "hot" topic! Is hell a literal place or just a state of mind? Who is Satan - or is he just a metaphor for the evil in the heart of a person? What are demons? Is hell forever?

The Bible clearly talks about these subjects. Jesus Christ himself had confrontations with Satan and demons. Jesus talked more about hell than Heaven and repeatedly warned that it was a place to avoid! This category will help you to gain crucial understanding of the life and death issue of hell and the nature and assignment of demons through their master, Satan.

Holiness & Righteousness      Close Window

When a person receives Jesus into their heart as Savior, he is born-again, his sins are forgiven and he is translated out of the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of God's dear son (Jesus). It is at this point he is declared by God the Father, righteous. The materials offered will help you to understand this awesome truth and your positional relationship in the family of God.

Holiness is God's requirement for his people. The term means to separate oneself from all that would contaminate. We are living in a sin-filled world filled with evil and temptations all around - this category will arm you with scripture based principles to grow in holiness.

Holy Spirit - Holy Ghost Teachings       Close Window

The Holy Spirit, according to scripture, is the third person of the holy trinity. The Bible refers to God the Father (Jehovah), God the Son (Jesus) and God the Holy Ghost (Spirit). Even though it is a mystery how God can manifest himself in three separate entities, it is still important for us to learn as much as possible about his (God's) nature.

Jesus Christ was filled with the Holy Spirit in the river Jordan and then led by the Holy Spirit into the wilderness. Believers are admonished by the apostle Paul, "that as many that are led by the (Holy) Spirit, they are Sons of God" (Rom. 8:14). Additionally the scriptures teach that many miracles were wrought by the power of the Holy Spirit. From the multi-faceted offerings you will gain a greater understanding of who the Holy Spirit is, why he was sent to live within Christians, what his "mission" is on earth, what the gifts of the spirit are and many other important attributes of the Holy Spirit.

Marriage, Family & Relationships       Close Window

The entire fabric of our civilization is based on the family unit and it functioning correctly. Marriage, between a man and woman, was ordained by God from the beginning and is practiced universally by Christians and all cultures alike. God's Holy Bible has been referred to as:
b = basic, i = instructions, b = before, l = leaving, e = earth.

With this in mind, God is very aware of the pressures that are faced within the marriage and family and has addressed them within the pages of scripture. Also, because God knows the end from the beginning, he has clearly given principles that will keep families and marriages sound and healthy, plus much needed help to restore broken ones. Titles offered here will aid greatly to victorious family life.

Men's Topics & Devotionals      Close Window

In the book of Genesis, God creates man first, then woman. The Bible narrative goes on to show that woman sinned first by eating of the fruit, but then reveals that man would be held responsible for the woman's actions. In the Old Testament all the priests were men; in marriage God holds the man responsible for both the physical protection and the spiritual affairs of his family; Jesus, in all of his actions showed the perfect role model of a man.

In light of the entire above, how can men be "Godly" men in today's society? In the church? In business? In marriage? In everyday life? The offerings in this category will give men sound teaching on a correct understanding of their God given identity and their role based upon God's plan for their lives.

Mini Books and Tracts      Close Window

Mini-books are special small sized book s on various Biblical topics that you can slip into your pocket or purse. You will find selections here as well as throughout many of the major categories under the "book" heading.

Tracts are pocket-sized cards or several page books that focus on the salvation message that can be left at restaurants, hotels, stores, etc.

Money, Finances and Debt Elimination       Close Window

We live in a world than operates on money as the primary means of exchange of goods and services. Whether or not we believe that the goods and services are priced fairly or not, we need the appropriate amount of money to purchase them. Within the pages of the holy Bible, both old and New Testament, there is a tremendous body of teaching on money and finances. Contrary to many people's thinking, God is not opposed to men and women having abundant supplies of money or to them being wealthy, but scripture clearly teaches that it is sin for money to have you.

The selections offered teach that there are two financial systems operating in today's world, God's system and the world's. By following God's system, Christians can get all their material needs met, avoid debt and live above the present roller coaster of today's world. For those who feel trapped in the quicksand of debt and poverty there are promises of God for deliverance and restoration that many of the authors of these materials have experienced themselves.

Music      Close Window

Tape and CDs aimed at increasing your capacity for praise and worship of our Creator and all the good things that he graciously provides such as: peace, kindness, hope, victory, love, restoration, mercy, grace and most of all eternal life.

Novels & Fiction       Close Window

Christian-based stories that entertain and without preaching have embedded within scriptural principles and teachings. Selections vary from drama for adults and young people to action-adventure for children. Please watch this category for new listings in the near future.

Personal Growth & Victory       Close Window

Throughout Jesus' and the apostles' teachings, we as beleivers are encouraged to "grow in the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ" (2 Pet. 3:18). We are also told to "study to show yourselves approved to God, a workman that need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth" (2 Tim 2:15) and to "labor to enter into that rest of God" (Heb. 4:11). Everyone who is born of God (saved) has placed within them by the Holy Spirit, a desire to be more Christ like. Because we live in bodies of flesh there is sometimes a painful struggle against what we know is right and what we know is wrong. Many are bound by habits and addictions we wish to break and be free of them.

The Bible teaches that God furnishes the strength and grace to overcome sin in our lives and grow up. Through solid scriptural instruction old patterns of behavior can be defeated with new Godly ones replacing the old. In this category authors share insights and proven solutions to becoming the person of God you've always desired to be.

Prayer, Intercession & Worship      Close Window

Communication is what makes our modern world work, and when telephones malfunction or computer lines go down or the mail service is disrupted chaos results - questions that need immediate answers aren't answered, critical situations can develop quickly, business that needs to be transacted right away can't be. It is the same with prayer. Prayer in its most basic form is communication with God. In it we talk to God about our feelings, needs, situations, problems, family, friends, finances and on and on. Poor or no communication with God can delay or stop the answers and help we need in life. This is a category of instruction of how to talk to God, our creator, and get the answers we need when we need them, with the ultimate goal, which is to get to know him better through personal prayer time.

God desires that we worship him out of a willing heart, because we love him, and because he is worthy to be praised. But, many do not know how to worship, or what to say to God, how to approach him. Through teaching within these materials you will gain insights on entering in to true worship of God.

Science & Creation Faith      Close Window

True scientific inquiry and the Bible are not in conflict. Where the Bible talks about the nature of the earth, the stars and the universe it is in harmony with the facts of science. Mankind has twisted many of the facts of science to support his own agenda, whether it be to support the theory of evolution, abortion, atheism, etc. Materials in this category are targeted to challenge the lies and deceit that have been propagated by opponents of God as the creator and author of all true science, to give the reader a thorough understanding of the end result of "bad science".

Personal faith are testimonies of people of science who came to faith in God and ultimately in Jesus Christ due to their exposure to scientific truth verses the supposed "facts" they had been taught all their non-Christian lives.

Soul Winning & Salvation Teachings       Close Window

In the New Testament God says that "he is not willing that any perish, but that all come to repentance" (2 Pet. 3:9). Jesus commanded at the end of the book of Mark, "go ye into all the world, and preach and publish openly the good news (the gospel) to every creature of the whole human race" (Mark 16:15). This being true, all believers need to learn to effectively communicate their faith in Jesus Christ to their family, friends and acquaintances. This category will encourage even the most timid to rise up to the command of Jesus and experience the joy of leading others to salvation.

Salvation is God's offer of eternity with him. Every human being is invited, all one has to do is accept the offer. This category will help you to understand what the new birth is, why just going to church and trying to be good won't get you into Heaven, why God has made just one way to Heaven, how Jesus' death opened the way for mankind to receive eternal life and what the benefits of salvation are.

Spanish Language (Español)       Close Window

This category has been created with the goal of providing the same life changing & victorious living materials in Spanish for those who are more comfortable in studying in their native language here in the United States or for our customers in other countries who desire teachings in Spanish.

While there is an increasing number of books available in Spanish, not every book in English has been translated, but more and more are being published and we will be continuously updating our selection. At the present time we do not have Spanish language audio tapes, but as they become available we will offer them.

Special Series & Packages      Close Window

Within this category you will find books, tapes, cads and devotionals packaged together for the purpose of study. Many times related subjects when grouped together can give a more complete understand of a topic. Also by combining different formats such as audio, video and books you have flexibility to for example: listen while driving, read at work and them watch at home off the TV/VCR.

Top Picks      Close Window

We at FCR have selected out of our product offerings in specific Categories what we, and independent reviewers, feel are the Top Picks or "best picks" on that subject. In it you'll find selections that consist of: books, tapes, CDs, DVDs and Videos. Our "top picks" selections change from time to time as new products are offered or existing ones are discontinued - so please check back next time you're on the site.

War On Fear & Terror      Close Window

A very timely category that addresses the pervasive fear that hit the United States on September 11, 2001. The Bible has much to say on how to handle this kind of fear and terror. Not only do the selections offered teach on what fear is, but also open up the subject to in-depth revelation on how we can live a fear-free and terror-free life. Jesus said repeatedly to his disciples and to people, "fear not" (Luke 5:26,8:50,12:32). If it was not possible to "fear not" Jesus would not have said it or taught us further, "do not be anxious (fearful) for tomorrow" (Mat. 6:34). Every time the disciples got into trouble Jesus rescued them and he gives this promise to every believer, "behold I am with you, even until the end of the age" (Mat. 28:20).

Women's Topics & Devotionals      Close Window

Christian women in today's world face a confusing set of issues on how to live Godly in a world that is chauvinistic at the core. Where there is many times inequity in the business world towards them, where being a wife and mother is attacked and belittled, where being chaste as a single woman is mocked and much more! God loves women, Jesus demonstrated it time and again. In this category you will find excellent personal teaching on women's issues by both women and men who have been gifted by God to understand. God has a marvelous plan for every woman whether single or married.